Feel good about your business, be fulfilled and love your job, the dream of every employee and every employer looking for committed and motivated employees. However, we hear more and more about psychosocial risks and cases of burn-out, even boron-out. The company is emerging as a place of stress and tension contributing to the malaise of employees.

Is happiness at work only a myth or is awareness and change happening?

In collaboration with the POG, IMS Luxembourg invites you to a cycle of 3 conferences in order to address the psycho-social risks at the origin of this malaise, but also to deepen the reflections on solutions, such as the trust management and the right to disconnect. By questioning certain practices and the organization of work, could we achieve real happiness at work?


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Cycle Bonheur au travail : "Vous avez dit libération ?" le 8 février 2019


Free events and open to IMS members, signatory of Diversity Charter and POG members

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  • "Psychosocial risks: from diagnosis to prevention" - 28 may 2018

During this round table we seek to understand the concept of psychosocial risks with our stakeholders from both a medical point of view and from the point of view of companies and employees: What are the psychosocial risk factors? What are the consequences for the company? What effects on the individual? But also, how to prevent, accompany and monitor these psychosocial risks within companies?

Dr Jean-Marc Cloos (Medical Director Psychiatry center of Hôpitaux Robert Schuman), David Büchel (Work psychologist, Chambre des Salariés), Stéphanie Deitz-Moulin, (HR Account Manager, CSR & Diversity Coordinator at ING Luxembourg) and Julien Bossu (HR Director, member of generale management, CDCL), moderate by Virginie Stevens, (Managing Partner at Pétillances) were here to nourish the debate.


  • "The right to disconnect" - November 2018


Since January 2017, France has included the right to disconnect to labor law thus posing a forerunner in the legal formalization of this right and pushing other countries to thematize this subject. In other countries, some companies are proactive on the subject. How to effectively implement the right to disconnect? Through testimonials of experts and companies gave you action tracks.

  • "You said liberation?" - 8 February 2019


Faced with the expectations of new generations and the new relationship at work, some companies reinvent their organization to attract and retain these new talents. Autonomy, flexibility and a balance between private and professional life become the hallmarks of these liberated companies. Participants were able to discover the testimony of one of these liberated companies.