What to say about nature to the younger generation?

Published on 25 April 2022

A lecture by Hubert Mansion, founder of the University in Nature. 

The global environmental crisis is one of the most pressing public health issues of the 21st century (IPCC, 2022; WHO, 2018). The mental health implications of the environmental crisis are particularly affecting younger generations and the sense of anxiety about the state of the planet appears to be universal.

In a 2021 Kantar survey of 10,000 young people aged 16-25 in ten countries, from both the North and the South, 59% of young people surveyed said they were "very" or "extremely worried" about climate change, while 45% said that climate anxiety was affecting their daily lives in a negative way, whether it was sleeping, eating, studying, going to school or having fun.

How can we talk to young people about nature in these conditions? How can we talk to them about our relationship with living things?
Since its creation, the University in Nature has based its approach on an entirely new vision of our relationship with nature. Its representatives will present the results of their work and propose an innovative way of talking to students about the natural world. 

Monday 2 May 2022 - 18h30-20h00 - Athénée de Luxembourg - Salle des Fêtes

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