Implementation of an internship program for Ukrainian students

Published on 17 March 2022

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Implementation of an internship program for Ukrainian students of one of the most renowned business schools in the Central European region - Kozminski University. This school is ready and willing to cooperate with Luxembourg Stock Exchange to offer a better future - or a future at all, consider the conditions - to talented Ukrainian students graduating from university with a sustainable finance orientation. Luxembourg Stock Exchange can also expand this approach to a larger group of students if you wish. For your information, Kozminski University currently has 1,500 international students, most of whom are Ukrainians.   
The school has a history of organising partnerships with local and global companies. Therefore, we can count on their tailor-made help in preparing internship projects and their support throughout their implementation.  

Please find below the first information on the study programs offered by Kozminski University, which may be of interest to us in Luxembourg.  

From a practical point of view : 

  • Kozminski University suggests using your own internship agreement (to be sent to Valentyna)
  • The duration of the internship can vary from 2 to 6 months in most cases (up to 12 months) and can take place in Luxembourg or abroad 
  • Start of the program: from June 2022 
  • Costs: Kozminski University covers the costs of 520 EUR/student (this should be in addition to the allowance paid by the employer to enable students to pay for accommodation in Luxembourg) 
  • Accommodation in Luxembourg: under discussion. 

If you are interested in participating, please contact Valentyna or Julie Becker directly (jbe@bourse.lu).


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