How can your company support the Ukrainian people? Associate members answer

Published on 17 March 2022


  • Check in on your colleagues, suppliers and partners in Ukraine and Russia
  • Offer your services to support and provide access of the information needed to get involved in helping the Ukraine
  • Donate to organizations on the ground. The United Nations and global and local humanitarian partners are committed to staying and delivering assistance and protection to the people of Ukraine. You can support their work by contributing to the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund (UHF) at https://crisisrelief.un.org/ukraine-crisis 
  • Support grass root movements and protect civic society on national and local community level
  • Be mindful of the news you consume; rely on reputable news sources


Needs and initiatives in Luxembourg


  • CaritasIn-kind donations and financial collections
  • Du pain pour chaque enfant: Financial aid and baby food (powdered milk) and baby hygiene products (nappies, wipes...): info@dupainpourchaqueenfant.org
  • Handicap International
    • 4 4x4 (or pick up) for their teams and equipment that will enter Ukraine. This should be a donation and not a rental (too complex in terms of insurance, and the association cannot guarantee 100% the return of the vehicle). 
    • Funds for their interventions towards the most vulnerable populations, whether among refugees (HI is in Moldavia and Romania) or among the injured and disabled in Ukraine: https://www.okpal.com/urgence-ukraine-handicap-international  
    • The director of the structure is at the disposal of any company that would like to get involved consistently with an adapted valorization plan. 
  • LetzRiseUp :  A place to store food and bus to go to the Polish border and back: letzriseup@gmail.com  




  • Sodexo: Collection of lunchpass. All donations will be given to Caritas Luxembourg. To make the donations:  
    • Organise a collection of paper lunchpass on your premises, collect the coupons and send them back or give them to the Sodexo delivery staff during your next lunchpass delivery.
    • Your employees can send them directly to Caritas Luxembourg - 29, rue Michel Welter L - 2730 Luxembourg - specifying that they are donations for Ukraine. 
    • Sodexo Lunch Pass card beneficiaries can make donations online on the Caritas Luxembourg website by paying directly with their card for any online purchase.  


  • SOS Faim: People who still have meal vouchers expired since February 2022 can send them to SOS Faim. If the association receives the vouchers before mid-April, Sodexo and Edenred will reimburse them as a donation. Send your meal vouchers (expired or not) to the following address:

SOS Faim Luxembourg 
17-19 avenue de la Libération 
L-3850 Schifflange 



Counselling and mentoring for young Ukrainians by Youth&Work


Other resources 
Business for Ukraine Luxembourg: https://www.biz4ukraine.org/  
B Corporation: https://www.bcorporation.net/fr-fr/news/blog/we-are-all-interdependent-stand-with-ukraine/ 
UN Business guide: https://ungc-communications-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/docs/publications/2022-03-01%20ukr_business_guide.pdf 

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