3rd edition of the Speed Meeting: 93 partnerships signed! Record set!

On this 5th of July, for almost 2 hours, 32 Luxembourgish not-for-profit organisations and 22 IMS member companies signed 93 partnerships during our third edition of our Part&Act Speed Meeting, including exchanges of goods (furniture, computers, office supplies, etc.), skills (IT, legal, communication, etc.), or other services depending on their domain of expertise. 

The event, officially launched by the Alderman of the City of Luxembourg, Patrick Goldschmidt, aimed to enable participating companies and not-for-profit organisations to mutually get to know each other, and engage in reciprocal exchanges. Inspired by Speed Dating, the participants had 6 minutes to presents their offers and needs. The goal was to permit businesses to satisfy the recurrent needs not-for-profit organisations have, in a vice versa manner resulting in a win-win partnership. 

This event is a part of the Part&Act project that has been offering, for more than 4 years, a customised support in the creation of businesses – not-for-profit organisations partnerships and has been suggesting a diverse panel of partnerships. 

More photos of the Speed Meeting on Flickr!
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