New aid programme for companies investing in charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

Published on 13 December 2021

Sustainable News

At a press conference on 18 November 2021, the Minister for the Economic, Franz Fayot, and the Minister for Energy, Claude Turmes, presented a new aid scheme in the presence of representatives of professional chambers in favour of companies that invest in charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. The aid scheme aims to stimulate the development of electromobility in Luxembourg further.

Approved by the Government Council on 12 November 2021, the new programme is aimed exclusively at companies to encourage them to transition to electromobility as part of their economic activity. And also to accelerate the deployment of a more extensive network of charging stations in Luxembourg, thereby increasing the charging power in Luxembourg.

The Minister for Energy, Claude Turmes, emphasises: "The decarbonisation of transport is conditional on the existence of an efficient infrastructure of charging points on the national territory. Luxembourg already has a very dense network of charging points. By allowing more actors to benefit from subsidies for installing charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, we are accelerating the development of electromobility.

The Minister for the Economic, Franz Fayot, added: "The new aid schemes encourage the deployment of charging infrastructures by companies, thus contributing to the decarbonisation of transport and the development of electromobility in Luxembourg. Thus, companies have additional leverage to support the government's efforts to achieve the energy transition objectives."

The new subsidies apply to installing charging stations accessible to the public and private charging stations in companies. They thus constitute a coherent set of measures enabling Luxembourg to achieve an efficient network of charging points throughout the country. They complement the aid scheme for the installation of charging points for private individuals and the national network of publicly accessible "Chargy" and "SuperChargy" charging points.

Tom Wirion, Director General of the Chamber of Crafts, welcomes the new support scheme as the decarbonisation of individual mobility is a crucial element in the fight against climate change: "Craft businesses working in the field are ready to take up the challenge to set up the necessary infrastructure. Companies also receive the necessary means to start their energy transition."

Marc Wagener, COO and Director of Training at the Chamber of Commerce, adds: "In the wake of the reflections initiated back in 2015 as part of the Third Industrial Revolution process, the energy transition to more electromobility has emerged as essential. This transition can only work if it is the result of a collective effort, and in this context, businesses also have a role to play. This new aid scheme introduced by the government is very welcome, as it will make it easier for companies to invest in the necessary infrastructure."


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