Contribute to the new version of the Zero Single-Use Plastic Transition Kit

Published on 29 November 2021

As part of the Zero Single-Use Plastic project, IMS has developed a " Transition Kit " in collaboration with the Environment Administration and the SuperDreckskëscht, a "Transition Kit" presenting a set of alternatives that exist today to replace the single-use plastics listed in the Manifesto. Initially intended for our member organisations that signed the Manifesto, the Kit has been available to everyone since spring 2021.

We are currently working on a new and expanded version of the Kit. To this end, we cordially invite IMS members, whether or not they are signatories of the Manifesto, to contribute to the "good practices" section to share the solutions implemented and the feedback of each one. In its current version, the Kit already gathers more than 20 testimonies.

To participate, you can choose to answer one or more of the questions below in French or English. We will then translate your answers so that they are available in both languages. 

We kindly ask you to send us your testimony in Word format by 31/12/2021 at the latest to laura.mullenders@imslux.lu. You will be personally informed once the new version of the Kit is available.

•    What alternatives have you put in place? 
•    What was the easiest and most difficult to replace?
•    Have you noticed any economic benefits from replacing single-use products with repeat-use alternatives?
•    Has your commitment had an impact at the international level?

We remain available for further information and look forward to reading your feedback. 

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