Radio Disaster: The Climate Change Series.

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Organised by Mudam to address the urgent issues of our time through art and culture, it is a series of conferences led by cultural actors, intellectuals and researchers on climate change. The title Radio Disaster: The Climate Change Series is a tribute to Walter Benjamin and his radio programmes on major natural disasters. 

Through this programme, Mudam would like to contribute to the reflection on climate change as a catastrophe and irreversible upheaval on a planetary scale. Based on the idea of the Anthropocene, the opening lecture by Suzanne Dhaliwal, on 8 May at 4 pm in the museum auditorium, will provide a global overview of the current geopolitical situation. 

A programme of film screenings will accompany the lectures, including Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival (2017) by Fabrizio Terranova, a documentary about the famous feminist researcher of the same name, and the films Alpi (2011) by artist Armin Linke and Sea Lovers (2019) by artist Ingo Niermann. 



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