Learn more about your community's climate policy on the new Pacte Climat website

Published on 24 March 2021

Network news

With the arrival of the new edition of the Pacte Climat, the website pacteclimat.lu has been adapted to better meet all actors' needs and interests in the fight against climate change.

This platform allows discovering of all the facets of the Pacte Climat. It is addressed not only to the actors involved in the program (municipalities, partners, local and regional initiatives, and experts) and citizens.

In the "Committed actors" section, the Pacte Climat municipalities and partners have the opportunity to demonstrate their efforts by highlighting their projects and their commitment. An interactive map allows you to find out more about the level of certification of your community.
Municipalities are effectively supported in their efforts to implement the different themes, such as energy efficiency, renewable energy, mobility and circular economy, thanks to a catalogue of measures to be carried out within the program to increase their certification level.

Finally, the Pacte Climat's new objectives emphasize citizen participation, highlighted in the "Citizen" section of the site. The aim is to raise awareness among the Luxembourg population so that everyone becomes involved and takes part in their community's activities.

Go to www.pacteclimat.lu and become an actor of change towards a more resilient society!

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