Wildgen 4 Children : En avant pour la 7ème édition !

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A not-to-be-missed event at the end of each year since 2014 on the Luxembourg territory, the Wildgen 4 Children toy drive returns for a 7th edition this Friday, November 20th. The initiative, launched by the law firm Wildgen, is now supported by a large number of local companies and a dozen associations working for children in difficulty in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

Strong mobilization of Luxembourg companies
For this new edition, and despite a heavy context, mobilization is on the agenda with 27 Luxembourg companies and structures that will join forces from November 20th (Universal Children's Day). Their objective? To collect a maximum of donations from their employees and clients to assist children and young people living in precarious situations, poverty or disability in Luxembourg and its close border areas. Four public collection places will also be set up to allow private individuals to deposit their donations for the benefit of Wildgen 4 Children: Kaempff-Kohler in Niederanven, Pall Center in Oberpallen, Black Wombat and Wildgen in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg is not spared.
Despite its image as a "privileged" country, there are extreme disparities within the grand-ducal population, where wealth rubs shoulders with the greatest poverty. On the occasion of the report published in 2019 by UNICEF on children's rights in Luxembourg (a report financed by the Wildgen law firm), we can thus see the substantial increase in one of these poverty indicators, since the relative child poverty rate rose from 4.5% in 2000 to 13% in 2016. With the current pandemic and the crisis it generates, associations are all the more in need of support.  The help provided by Wildgen 4 Children and the joy it brings to children is an invaluable bubble of oxygen.

Let's act together for the happiness of children.  
The Wildgen 4 Children teams, in direct collaboration with the beneficiary associations, invite you to donate toys (except stuffed animals), books, board games, outdoor games, consoles as well as video games, sports equipment (except shoes and clothes), school supplies, computer equipment (except keyboard and mouse), bicycles, scooters. All in perfect condition (new or second hand). Let's make sure that everywhere, in Luxembourg and the Greater Region, the end of the year celebrations are synonymous with joy and carefree for all children. More than ever, solidarity must be at the centre of our actions.

Companies participating in the 2020 edition: AKT One, Black Wombat, Cardif Lux Vie, Centralis, Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, CHAMP Cargosystems, Confédération Luxembourgeoise du Commerce, DO Recruitment Advisors, Editus, eProseed, Fortuna Banque, Gates, i-Hub, IMS, INCERT, InTech, Kaempff-Kohler, Lingua Custodia, Michel Greco, Ocorian, Pall Center, Rugby Club Luxembourg, SGI Groupe, Swissquote Bank Europe, T. Rowe Price and Wildgen.

Beneficiary associations of the 2020 edition : Du pain pour chaque enfant, Fondation Autisme Luxembourg, Fondation Kannerschlass, Fondation Pro Familia, Foyer Sud "Fraen an Nout", l'Île aux Clowns, Maison Croix-Rouge Arlon, SIPO, SOLINA Solidarité Jeunes, TABA Walferdange, Tricentenaire...
More info at: www.w4c.lu

Contact: Ophélie Engelmann, Marketing Officer, ophelie.engelmann@wildgen.lu

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