Participate in Sportunity's Local Buddies project

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Sportunity, a Luxembourg-based non-profit organization and associate member of IMS, uses sport to promote diversity and inclusion. Since 2015, the association has been organizing a variety of sports activities for refugees and locals, helping young refugees to seamlessly integrate in our country by means of regular sports activities and participation in community sporting events (such as ING Marathon and the Color Run).

For the “Local Buddies” project, Sportunity are now looking for more local volunteers willing to become buddy to a refugee and help the newcomers get to know Luxembourg better. You may be a born Luxembourger or represent the multicultural expat community of the country, it all works! What really matters is your will to help a person in need – and also a bit of free time every now and then.

All participants are personally interviewed as part of our meticulous matching process ensuring that buddies “match” on various levels – from age, location and languages spoken  to shared sports and personal interests.

It often helps to build a buddy relationshop arount sports. For example, if you enjoy running, Sportunity could match you with a buddy who you could go running with. But it does not stop here - last year, pairs of buddies greatly enjoyed cultural events and sharing food or a drink together. Take this as a chance to not only help a refugee during his/her integration process, but also to make a new friend and learn something about a different culture.

More informations here www.sportunity.org