Positive Drive Kirchberg: 6 weeks campaign for multi-modal mobility

IMS - Inspiring More Sustainability - launches a mobility challenge for organizations in the Kirchberg area. From 28 May to 6 July, nine companies and institutions - ABBL, Allen & Overy, Arendt, the European Investment Bank, the Chamber of Commerce, the European Commission, KPMG, Linklaters and ONET - will encourage their employees, who represent a payroll of more than 7,750 people, to participate in this mobility campaign through the use of the application "Positive Drive".

Are you an employee of one of the 9 organizations mentioned in Kirchberg? So, play and try to win one of the prices!

In 2017, the Luxmobil survey showed that for home-to-work journeys the overall filling rate of vehicles was only 1.2 people per car. There is still some way to go, however overall infrastructure tends to improve and supply is greater. Remember that the tram and the inauguration of a brand new station to Kirchberg has helped to smooth traffic in this area.

The "Positive Drive" app

In partnership with LuxMobility, and following the success of the first edition at Cloche d'Or, the mobile application "Positive Drive" will be available for download by employees of participating companies, from May 28 to July 6, and will collect data, anonymously, on the behavior in terms of mobility of users of the area. The aim is to better understand what types of transport are used (cycling, walking, public transport, car, ...) for daily commuting and to change behaviors, through "gamification", in applying the principles of the game to change habits. The application will also inform users of the distances they cover, savings achieved by using a different mode of transport than usual, reducing CO2 emissions, and so on.

Improve mobility in Kirchberg

By using the "Positive Drive" application, employees of partner companies can help improve the mobility of their area. Through the collected data, mobility of Kirchberg will be analyzed by LuxMobility. IMS will continue to support its members in the area to find innovative mobility sharing solutions.

Exceptional prices at the key

Using the app from May 28 to July 6, users can win many prizes from our partners (sessions at Yoga Loft, spaces to cultivate with Skyfarms, entries to MUDAM, backpacks and skateboards S -Cape, ...) thanks to the "(s) miles" collected.

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