Discover the projects benefiting from our next skills transfer workshop

IMS Luxembourg, in partnership with the Ministry of Labor, Employment and the social and solidarity Economy, ULESS and 6zero1 regularly organizes skill transfer workshops.

Over half a day, teams of five to ten volunteers help organizations of the social and solidarity economy by bringing their skills and expertise. Strategic recommendations, marketing advice or the development of a graphic charter... concrete solutions that address the issues of organizations are developed collectively.

These workshops, which take place in the original setting of the 6zero1 social organisations incubator, are a time of meeting, exchange and conviviality between employees of different companies and SSE stakeholders.

"I appreciated the sharing of ideas, the optimistic and motivating climate, which makes you want to continue the adventure with them!" A participant of the workshop of January 19th, 2018


Discover below the two organizations that you can support during the next workshop:

MISSION 1: Rethink the HMC League website to make it more attractive

The ligue HMC  currently has a website that is not very update and overloaded with information. As part of their new communication strategy, they want to create a new website that would allow them to deliver a message tailored to each of their target audience. The common identity of the Ligue HMC must be kept and the objective is to give enough information without drowning the interlocutor.


  • Reflect on the target audiences and adapted objectives
  • Define a coherent organization, clear and easy to use the site

Skills needed: Web, Communication, IT


MISSION 2: Find new sources of funding for Youth & Work

The Youth & Work business model currently relies only on state and municipal subsidies. In order to reduce the risks, the organization wants to find new donors to finance its activity, in particular from 1 July 2018, end date of its ESF funding. The service offered to the beneficiary must always remain free.


  • Identify potential funders for Youth & Work
  • Define an offer for the targets selected

Skills needed: Fundraising, Marketing, Stratégie


Atelier de transfert de compétences le 19 janvier 2018