When Jean Jouzel, Grand Witness of Climate Change, sounds the alarm

Published on 17 December 2017

Jean Jouzel, a French glaciologist and climatologist, former vice-president of the IPCC's scientific group, the Nobel Peace Prize organization, called for a collective outburst at the 2017 Luxembourg Sustainability Forum.

This is an alarming assessment of the last 10 years that the climate expert has drawn up, pointing out the environmental degradation and the massive loss of biodiversity. Without major change in operating model, the future is emerging with a range of unprecedented risks.

But Jean Jouzel is not a supporter of catastrophism and is resolutely focused on solutions. In order to win the objective sealed at the COP21, he emphasizes the importance of the commitments at all levels and in particular in the economic sphere.

" Si l'on veut gagner cette bataille, il faut qu’aujourd’hui, chaque investissement soit fait en phase avec l’idée du réchauffement climatique. Si on ne le fait pas, nous n’arriverons pas à respecter cet objectif de 2°C "

Organizations betting on sustainable development and therefore CSR, will gain competitiveness while making their contribution to the building, he says.

" Il faut s’investir dans la recherche, dans l’innovation, il faut prendre de l’enthousiasme, montrer que c’est possible. Je vous invite à vous engager, à aller de l’avant et à vous investir dans cette lutte contre le réchauffement climatique "

Guest of the set of the JT, find the interview of RTL, partner of the event here.

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