The memorable opening show of the Luxembourg Sustainability Forum 2017

Published on 5 December 2017

“I want you to get mad!” … Mad about the injustices that happen every day and our society’s ignorance towards them, mad about all the wrongs in the world and the non-action of our governments. Natasha Tsakos’ strong show CLIMAX, opening up the Luxembourg Sustainability Forum 2017, raises exactly those issues and highlights our materialistic and excessive way of life in contrast to our increasingly fragile environment. Her technoformance, a mixture of dance and technology, expresses those feelings of anger and hope and thereby calls upon the public to step up and change the world. “We really need to wake up right now” so the artist in an interview with RTL Luxembourg. With her show, the UN Arts 2030 Ambassador addresses every single person in the room and challenges them to fight against the wrongs we witness every day.

See Natasha Tsakos' interview on RTL:

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