Positive Drive has mobilized employees of Cloche d'Or

On 6 July 2017, Positive Drive unveiled the results of its initiative in collaboration with IMS Luxembourg (Inspiring More Sustainability).

Last May, IMS Luxembourg launched a challenge to seven companies in the Cloche d'Or activity area to use an innovative application that uses game elements to better study the commuting journeys of their employees.

Seven Cloche d'Or companies, including PwC and POST, mobilised more than 700 users to use the Positive Drive application and collect data on the means of transport used. The results have just been made public at an event attended by Minister François Bausch, who, along with City Councillor of Luxembourg Sam Tanson, rewarded one diligent user the final winner with the prize of an electric bicycle.

732 users responded and played the game in an attempt to win various prizes from Positive Drive’s partners, Oberweis and S-Cape.

On Thursday, the results of the campaign, conducted in partnership with LuxMobility, were unveiled, attended by some fifty representatives of participating companies, the public and mobility sector. Preliminary results show that multimodality is under-represented among employees working at the Cloche d'Or (22%). On the other hand, 51% of the users of the application use only the car to get to work.

The next step following these results Is to design an effective approach to improve mobility for all and this first study has helped to better identify mobility behaviours at the Cloche d'Or and to mobilise those involved. IMS is planning to establish dialogue with the public authorities in order to identify the existing mobility gaps at the Cloche d'Or and to try to remedy them. IMS will also continue to support companies to promote more innovative mobility models.

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Annonce des résultats Positive Drive le 6 juillet 2017