RICOH’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

The purpose of Ricoh’s corporate social responsibility programme is to respect the highest norms in terms of global citizenship and conformity. This objective is ours and we disseminate it to our partners and suppliers.
Our participation in IMS contributes to making our motivation in terms of CSR known: we wish to promote these values to a large public, and to support social engagement.


RICOH’s CSR policy:

Ricoh has always been attentive to its impact on the world; to the point where our corporate social responsibility, or CSR, is embedded in our values and is at the heart of our activities themselves. We do not only wish to be good citizens, we want to excel and understand the expectations of all players of the community in which we function and respond to them.

This is why we are engaged in respecting the highest norms of global citizenship, whether internal or external, with our partners and suppliers worldwide.


RICOH’s CSR actions and frameworks:

The extraordinary vision of our founder, Kiyoshi Ichimura, has paved the way for our sustainable development strategy; it is possible to find the source in its Corporate Philosophy elaborated 70 years ago. Its double objective, “innovating for our clients, and following sustainable business practices for all lives that we touch” emphasises a feeling that still resonates in our company today. By adopting a new holistic approach to our activity, and by associating economical, social, and environmental strategies, we can balance the needs of our partners by creating an organisation oriented towards our clients that is innovative and profitable today and in the future.

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