KBL’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

Joining IMS reveals our engagement and will to integrate societal and environmental preoccupations, which all corporations are confronted with, in our development strategy.
In our constant effort, we are naturally interested in the sharing of best practices.
IMS seemed an adequate forum to exchange points of view and find answers to our questions.


KBL’s CSR policy:

As part of the KBC group – a corporation that already has a solid reputation in matters of CSR – we are naturally conscious of the CSR aspect, which is imperatively linked with the workings of the rest of the company. 
In future, we expect the social procedure to become increasingly present in our internal decision processes.


KBL’s CSR actions and frameworks:

Concerned with our efficiency, CSR actions are allocated to our competent services.

The big CSR tracks of the KBL are:

- the reduction of our carbon footprint (waste separation, using green energy, …)
- the constant amelioration of our employees’ working environment
- finally, the support (in various forms) of individual and collective schemes in the area of social life