ACORD International S.A.’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

ACORD International wishes to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities to contribute to the exchanges of experiences between companies and non-profit-organisations who are invested in responsible and sustainable management. 


ACORD International S.A.’s CSR policy:

Corporate social responsibility orientates our research and advice activities and also integrates our values (humanism, responsibility, excellence, flexibility and independence). Due to the (little) size of our company, we do not have a specific service dedicated to CSR, however, we have integrated its principles transversely to all of our services. 


ACORD International S.A.’s CSR actions and frameworks:

ACORD International is a private social research institute, and was funded in 1995 through the initiative of three university graduates in social sciences. Our institute was invested since the start in advising, assisting and evaluating policies and European and national programmes that are relative to the labour market, education and professional training. Our areas of investigation and development have changed when we implemented the themes of social inclusion, equality between men and women, diversity, integration of the youth in society and in the workplace, as well as the pursuit of a sustainable development perspective.