Galerie Clairefontaine’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

The Gallery Clairefontaine is convinced that art can be an important tool to raise awareness on environmental and social issues, e.g by Drawing a clear picture of our human impact on the environment:
This year, in the framework of the Photomeetings Luxembourg event on the topic of „man-made landscapes and fake nature“, the Gallery showed photographs by international artists addressing the topic of our human impact on the environment. The pictures tell a spooky tale about our human actions by giving us a bird-eye perspective of the practices of cattle farming, corn production and gas extraction, which are normally hidden from the public view. The latter remind us how our pursuit of profit continues to devastate our own habitat.

Furthermore, in 2015, the Gallery invited eco-artist HA Schult to show his project „Trash people“ at the Place Clairefontaine. “Trash people” consists of 220 human-sized sculptures made out of garbage and trashcans, to sensibilise society about human waste production and littering patterns. Additionally, the Gallery addressed the topic of water pollution by showing his series „Aqua Pictures“. In order to create awareness about this important topic, the eco-artist undertook a trip from Paris to Peking in a hybrid car, during which he took water samples from puddles, rivers and lakes. The microscopic images of these water drops where then enlarged to let „nature paint itself“, indicating water pollution levels in Europe and Asia through his photographs.

Galerie Clairefontaine’s CSR policy:

Raising awareness on social issues through photography: on several occasions, the Gallery worked with anti-war photographers such as James Nachtwey, by showing testimony pictures of wars, diseases and famines in the world. These photographs draw attention to traumatic events and the urgent necessity to avoid those in the future.

Galerie Clairefontaine’s CSR actions and frameworks:

For the Gallery, international collaboration and education through the arts is also an important topic. As such, the Gallery joined forces with the NGO CARE during their “Sport for Social Change programme - Who am I?”“, by organizing an exhibition showing the Kenyan girls’ self-portraits. Furthermore, the Gallery provided a platform for the NGO Friendship to show the work of photographers who have documented the activities of the first hospital ship in Bangladesh.

The Gallery also organized exhibitions in collaboration with the Gugging House of Artists, located near Vienna. By means of art therapy, the center is today known for its important work in helping patients with mental illnesses to reintegrate into society through their art.

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