CCD Partners’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

CCD Partners is a consulting firm specialised in Corporate Social Responsibility. As such, we are keen on contributing to the various initiatives and programs focused on sustainable development and Corporate Social Responsibility on the national as well international level. Bringing along our subject-matter expertise, we wish to participate in and contribute to the knowledge hub formed around IMS.


CCD Partners’s CSR policy:

The CSR is at the very core of our profession. CCD Partners is an independant Luxembourg-based consulting firm. We help companies achieve growth through responsible and long-term value creation. Our ambition is to create a future where CSR & ESG guidelines and best-practices empower progress within the Investment community, Corporations, SMEs and society at large.


CCD Partners’s CSR actions and frameworks:

Our CSR approach focuses on the following principles:

1.    Ethics first

2.    Invest in our people

3.    Boost responsible innovation

4.    Support our local communities

5.    Promote green business models

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