HRT Group’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

HRT is voluntarily implementing certain measures to practice their activities in a more responsible way. The values of the company are: Planet, People, Profit. We thus found it useful to become a part of IMS Luxembourg, to take a big step ahead thanks to knowledge and experience sharing within your network.


HRT Group’s CSR policy:

Even if HRT is aware of the importance of CSR, society is only beginning to take action into this domain. We know about the main pillars of CSR, but HRT is, for now, focusing their efforts on the environmental one.

Indeed, HRT Group voluntarily chose to occupy a modern infrastructure that was thought and built considering sustainable development. HRT thus moved in December 2011 in the first “nearly 0 energy” building, built in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The Horizon building is also labelled HQE.


 HRT Group’s CSR actions and frameworks:

HRT does not have a specific CSR policy, but a number of concrete actions are implemented without being clearly labelled as “CSR policy”.

We have elaborated a waste management policy in order to limit costs, but also to raise awareness on selective sorting amongst employees. Since 2012, HRT is labelled “SuperDrecksKëscht fir Betriber (ISO 14024)”.

The company also encourages carpooling and public transport.

In terms of the social pillar, HRT guarantees health and security at the workplace by providing an enjoyable and adapted infrastructure and work environment to employees in order to give everyone a chance to develop first aid skills. Every year, the building’s security is entirely controlled by approved inspection bodies.

Our first achievement has been becoming an IMS member, the second, is to have identified our CSR actions, and elaborated our focus on certain concerns by benefitting of experience sharing thanks to IMS’ network. 


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