A professional interface between companies and associations

To enable businesses and associations to better get to know each other and to work together, IMS Luxembourg has set up the internet platform Part&Act, facilitating the meeting of businesses and associations.

With just a few clicks you can put forward a partnership project!


Individually tailored support in the construction/creation/formation of your partnership

Associations are organised to best meet the local issues. To incorporate them as partners to your company reflects a way of acting for the community and is part of the development of your CSR strategy. As such, every partnership is built with respect to the needs of the association and the strategy of the business.

Part&Act is a support offered by IMS Luxembourg to its members and to non-profit organisations active in the domain of sustainable development. The aim of this project is to facilitate and raise awareness among IMS member companies to maintain privileged relationships with associations as part of the Company-Association partnerships.

To help you develop your own actions, we:

  • act as interface between companies and the non-profit sector
  • set up partnership projects
  • ensure the follow-up of your partnership.

Promote the culture of partnerships through 4 types of interventions :


Provision of professional or personal skills from voluntary collaborators, who, in agreement with their employers, offer their competences during their working time to organisations with a public and local purpose.


Team building within a social and/or environmental mission.


Visibility provided to an organisation whose values ​​are consistent with those of the company (informational campaign, website, newsletter, conference etc.)


Provision of logistical support such as material (computers, furniture, etc.)

Awareness-raising and training cycles

  • 8th November 2016: Preparation Workshop for the Speed Meeting, led by Camille Gaudin, project leader at Part&Act
  • 31st May 2016: Preparation Workshop for the Speed Meeting, led by Anne-France Paligot, project leader at AGES Asbl
  • 26th April 2016: “Businesses & Organisations: co-creation of a corporate volunteering project”, workshop led by Laëtitia Gill, director of the Fondation Philias in Switzerland
  • 9th December 2014: “Employee Volunteering”, workshop led by Maria Jose Subiela, project leader at BITC
  • 4th June 2013: “Collective one-time mobilisation of employees”, workshop led by Sabine Denis, director of Business & Society Belgium
  • 12th April 2013: “Successfully leading a corporate volunteering project” workshop led by Laëtitia Gill, director of the Fondation Philias in Switzerland
  • 23rd October 2012: « Businesses & Organisations: Tools and methods to evaluate your partnerships”, workshop led by Leda Stott, Senior Consultant at Benedict Wauters, Deputy Director at the FSE
  • 17th September 2012: “Organisations: Initiate and reinforce a partnership policy with businesses”, workshop led by Benjamin Cavalli, project leader of the program MALIN, Croix-Rouge France
  • 11th May 2012: “Anticipate the legal procedures of a Company-Organisation partnership”, workshop led by Viviane de Moreau d’Andoy, Senior Consultant, Arendt & Medernach and Ariane Claverie, Lawyer at the Supreme Court , Castegnaro
  • 8th May 2012: “10 steps/keys to success in mobilising the workforce”, workshop led by Sabine Denis, Director of Business & Society Belgium

Methodological support (reserved to IMS members and not-for profit organisations only)

  • Practical guide on Company-Association partnerships
  • Legal guide
  • Communication guide
  • Other tools linked to Company-Association partnerships (evaluation techniques, etc.)