It is often important to have an outside perspective on the CSR actions carried out in the company. In this context, IMS developed a CSR diagnosis in order to give a clear picture of your CSR practices. Based on 80 key questions, IMS supports its members to establish a CSR policy integrated on the main company strategy. The aim of this publication is to get inspired by practical examples to further build its own CSR actions.

The multiplicity and diversity of the companies forming the IMS network and the Luxembourg landscape, in general, do not make it possible to define a common methodology. It is important to integrate all the settings and the internal and external factors of each structure. The directorate and the people in charge of CSR will thus be able to realize that It is not so that only one way of doing things, but that diversity of possibilities is necessary on the road to CSR.

Thus, each member of IMS can request a 2H interview to carry out a CSR diagnosis of his organization and enable him to identify potential areas of development, particularly related to the various IMS projects.

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