A Collaborative Approach

Our approach is to develop collaborative synergies between companies around the following thematic:

  • Creation of new activities in order to develop a spirit of cohesion between companies based in the same territory (co-creative workshops, organisation of conferences, development of communication platforms, etc.)
  • Pooling of services between companies (collective waste management, responsible mobility, anti food waste campaigns, etc.)
  • Developing the valuation and exchanges of industrial flows (promotion of the circular economy model)


We run workshops inspired by the process of social innovation. Firstly we want to understand the problematic of the territory’s user. We work on a  diagnosis (a rapid field analysis) and then offer solutions to engage the actors in a collaborative dynamic and foster social learning. We encourage the implementation of pilot projects to, ideally, develop them on a larger scale. Ultimately our aim is to create systemic changes.

Economic Activity Zone: a privileged field of action

IMS's approach is particularly relevant in business parks; where the proximity of economic players encourages collaboration.


More information regarding the Pacte Climat initiative here



We are working on projects to improve communication between the public sector and companies. We are active in Kirchberg, Leudelange, Bourmicht, Cloche d’or, Capellen.





In partnership with LuxMobility, and following the success of the first edition at the Cloche d'Or, reiterates the Positive Drive campaign with organizations in the Kirchberg area - ABBL, Allen & Overy, Arendt, the European Investment Bank, the House of Trade, the European Commission, KPMG, Linklaters and ONET -

7 out of 10 people come by car in Kirchberg...
On September 19, after 6 weeks of campaign and millions of GPS points collected, IMS and LuxMobility presented the results in the presence of the Minister of Sustainable Development and Infrastructures, Mr. Bausch. More information here.







IMS launched a campaign dedicated to mobility with companies located in the Cloche d’Or district. From the 2nd of May to the 9th of June 2017, seven firms encouraged their employees, all together 7800 people, to participate in a mobility game through the use of the application “Positive Drive”.

In 2018, the project continues with a three-axis strategy for Cloche d'Or




  • Second edition of the Bike Bus was held on 22th September 2017



Zero Food Waste campaign in corporate restaurants: We work in partnership with service providers and companies based on the Kirchberg Plateau.

More informations here.

Discover the interview of Gaëlle Tavernier on RTL, by clicking HERE.


We assist the Käerjeng municipality in the development of a network of companies in the Bascharage activity zone in order to foster projects in the field of business sustainability.

As well, in collaboration with Myenergy and the municipalities, we run a pilot project with companies based in Dudelange and  Bettembourg.