#LSF2019 on April, 25th 2019

Over the years, this event has become the unmissable meeting place for Corporate Social Responsibility in the Grand Duchy. This is an opportunity for the network to bring together its members, the various stakeholders, the general public and many exceptional guests to inspire, decrypt and analyze the news of sustainable development.
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On 21 November 2017 took place the 7th Luxembourg Sustainability Forum to celebrate the 10th anniversary of IMS (Inspiring More Sustainability).

The 7th edition welcomed over 500 participants and 50 speakers, creating a surprise with rich and innovative programming! The Luxembourg Sustainability Forum was in short:

ENJOY the striking spectacle of Natasha Tsakos, ambassador for the United Nations 2030 Artists Collective, who inaugurated the Forum with her great show Climax. Learn more...

EXCHANGE with Jean Jouzel, climatologist and glaciologist, former Vice-Chairman of the IPCC Scientific Panel (2007 Nobel Peace Prize Organization). Learn more...

LISTEN to the incredible story of Lewis Pugh, extreme swimmer and UNEP ambassador for the oceans. Learn more...

ADMIRE the exclusive exhibition of photographs by astronaut Thomas Pesquet illustrating, from space, the fragile beauty of our blue planet.

EXPLORE new action fields. IMS invited representatives of international and Luxembourg companies, the political scene and the academic world to discuss various topics such as urban agriculture or happiness at work.

UNDERSTAND how Luxembourg's organizations can contribute to the achievement of the 2030 objectives by decrypting the results of the new IMS survey.

VOTE to reward the best practices of the Third Industrial Revolution, one year after its launch. The action and the very practical practices in the field of sustainable development were put in the spotlight and the forum was an opportunity to give the People's Vote Projects during a live vote by the public. Check out the winners here.


Find all the pictures of the event:

Luxembourg Sustainability Forum 2017 : celebrating 10 years

The RTL report:


Natasha Tsakos

Jean Jouzel and 

Lewis Pugh interviews

from RTL.