Luxembourg: What contributions of companies to the Sustainable Development Goals? IMS publishes the results of its survey

First survey measuring the contribution of Luxembourg companies to the Sustainable Development Goals

IMS, with the assistance of LISER, TNS Ilres and the Ministry of Labor and Employment and social and solidarity Economy, conducted the survey among its members to assess their level of commitment in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and more specifically their potential contribution to the Luxembourg Agenda 2030. In 2017, IMS members companies responded to a questionnaire to measure their level of maturity and their ability to contribute to the 17 SDGs. The leading CSR network provides a concrete and specific response to the societal issues of companies in Luxembourg.

Towards new strategic issues?

IMS wanted to hear the opinion of the CEOs on the 17 SDGs adopted by the UN. In this regard, the matrix below has been constructed, highlighting the ranking of the main SDGs according to whether we place ourselves in a strategic business perspective or a state emergency. Here, companies are seen as key players in achieving these goals. The closer the collaboration between business and government, the higher the probability of achieving these goals.


IMS is positioned as the crossroads of stakeholders and connects the different actors on the territory for the development of partnerships and innovative projects, responding to the SDGs. The network explores new solutions and concretely tests sustainable alternatives, through working groups and pilot projects with positive impacts.

The place of CSR on the business agenda

After the analysis of the survey, IMS makes several observations.

As a first step, the survey reveals the place of CSR in agenda of companies. 60% of respondent have appointed someone to manage CSR, for example, but in only 13% of cases is this person fully dedicated to CSR. More specifically, the survey describes the degree of implementation of CSR practices: we discover that the social component is often the priority in Luxembourg companies, particularly the well-being of the employee, constituting one of the main concerns of respondents. IMS, which intends to respond concretely to the needs of companies, has developed a cycle of conferences on the theme of happiness at work. The next two events will address managerial innovation and the right to disconnect.

Channels of progress are emerging because there is a certain enthusiasm of companies for the establishment and development of new partnerships and collaborations oriented to the Social and Solidarity Economy and the territories. Likewise, the central role of employees, perceived at the heart of the company's sustainable system, is an indicator of the human potential for a better integration of CSR within the structures.


Download the survey here.