Positive Drive: the project continues at Cloche d'Or

Following our Positive Drive campaign in Cloche d'Or, we continue to be active in the territory with the working group of companies based in the area (Alter Domus, Alliance Bernstein, Bank of New York Mellon, the European Commission, Deloitte, Lycée Vauban, POST and PwC).

Through our territorial approach, we facilitate the use of experimentation to drive innovation so to support the private sector to transition towards a low-carbon future and to develop a shared vision in termes of sustainable mobility.

The group has defined its 2018 strategy in three areas:

  • To decrease the use of single car/single driver to commute to work to 50%
  • A commun advocacy strategy towards the development af adequate public transport to relieve congestion point
  • To increase the use of soft mode for employee in the Ville de Luxembourg from 4 to 10%

In collaboration with LuxMobility, we work on parking policy, the development of car-pooling and in general to create a test zone to improve the promotion of soft modes of transportation; a mobility which is people and environmentally friendly.