Workshop: Implementing the 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals in Luxembourg

February 22

Does the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations propose a new vision? What links with the "Third Industrial Revolution" strategy in Luxembourg, with the climate action plan, with the regional development plans?

How to ensure coherence between these works and avoid a duplication of your investment?

Four decades after the first report of the Club of Rome entitled "The limits of our growth", the concept of sustainable development has been transformed by the United Nations into concrete objectives and targets. Sustainable development policies are undergoing continuous change, from top down regulation to network governance, from a focus on regulation towards more open governance that is more coherent. In the coming years, Luxembourg will strive to achieve the objectives set by combining efforts at different levels.

How to tackle concretely the challenges posed by the 2030 Agenda? How to ensure that these challenges will be reflected in the next national plan for sustainable development?

Participate in this "implementation" workshop organized by the MDDI Department of the Environment and discuss these issues and share ideas about your organization/structure/administration's engagement with other stakeholders.

This invitation is open to all actors of society in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg who are ready to commit themselves to implementing the challenges of sustainable development in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

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