Throwback to the last Sustainability CEO Club breakfast

Published on 5 July 2017

The latest meeting of the Luxembourg Sustainability CEO Club brought together 20 leaders for a breakfast at ING's new offices.

On the menu, the emerging issue of the circular economy and the necessary adaptations of business models in the Luxembourg context.
In theory, the circular economy is traditionally linked to industry, but limiting perimeter of the circular economy to this is a common misconception. Beyond purely industrial processes, the circular economy affects a multitude sectors and also encompasses service-based endeavours.
In her welcome speech, Colette Dierick, CEO of ING, testified about the circular approach's impact on the bank and expressed the need to adapt the company's offerings and operations.
Jeannot Schroeder, co-president of the Circular Economy pillar of the Third Industrial Revolution strategic study, delivered his analysis of a new economic equation and implored to re-examine the concept of circular economy for truly sustainable development. This economic transformation is significant as the EU estimates that the circular economy could supply 2 million jobs by 2030 in Europe.
The next meeting of the Club will be held on November 20 at 7 pm as a dinner-debate. To celebrate its 10 years, IMS is organizing an exceptional dinner featuring two great witnesses of sustainable development. A date to mark in the diary of CEOs members of the network!