Developing synergies between companies in Bascharage

Published on 9 June 2017

IMS is actively working on the ZAE R. Steichen in Bascharage to create synergies between companies. 

Since the beginning of 2017, we dconducted a study, in partnership with PositiveImpakt, to assess the potential for circular economy projects in this activity area. We are actively working with the municipality of Käerjeng to involve all stakeholders.

On June 2, we organized a debriefing session and presented a cartography. We were fortunate to count on the presence of a very motivated group of companies, and could rely on the support of the municipality of Käerjeng. The next steps will include the improvement of sustainable mobility, the strengthening of the social fabric in the area through the organization of the first "companies' neighborhood barbecue" on the 15th of June, as well as the examination of the potential of "group purchases" and the launch of a "Food Thematic working group".