“Positive Drive“: boosting mobility in the Cloche d’Or area

Published on 27 April 2017

IMS - Inspiring More Sustainability - launched a campaign dedicated to mobility with companies located in the Cloche d’Or district. From the 2nd of May to the 9th of June, seven firms including AllianceBernstein, Alter Domus, BNY Mellon, the Translation Center for the Bodies of the European Union (CdT), the European Commission, PwC, as well as POST will encourage their employees, all together 7800 people, to participate in a mobility game through the use of the application “Positive Drive”.

Transportation is the main source for greenhouse gas emissions in the Grand Duchy. Moreover, in the national modal split, the use of private cars presents the highest share with 72.5%, while public transport usage and active mobility account only for 14.5% and 13% (figures indicated in the 3rd Industrial Revolution Strategy Study for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, originating from the national Sustainable Mobility plan MoDu 2012). Hence, it will be essential to adopt a coordinated approach to address mobility challenges and improve mobility for all.

The « Positive Drive » Application
Co-financed by the European Commission and developed in partnership with LuxMobility, the mobile application "Positive Drive" can be downloaded anonymously by employees of the participating companies and will collect data on the mobility behaviour of users in the district. The overall objective of this initiative is to understand what means of transportation (cycling, walking, public transport, car, and so on) people use to commute. The application will also allow users to collect information about traveled distances, savings obtained by using different means of transport, the CO2 emissions reduced, and so on.

Improving mobility at the Cloche d’Or
By using the « Positive Drive » App, the employees of the partner companies will be able to contribute to improve mobility in this district. Through the data collected, LuxMobility in collaboration with the University of Luxembourg will develop a mobility analysis of the Cloche d'Or. As a next step, IMS will engage in a dialogue with public authorities in order to identify the existing mobility gaps and seek solutions for the Cloche d’Or district.

Win attractive prizes
By using the application during the month of May, users can collect "(s)miles" and thereby win numerous prizes at our partners Oberweis and S-Cape. The winner of the campaign will be rewarded with an electric bike, presented by the Minister for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, François Bausch, on the 6th of July!

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