"Food Waste Zero" : IMS aims a food waste reduction

Published on 12 April 2017

IMS launch a campaign to reduce food waste in company restaurant on Kirchberg area, in partnership with Sodexo. Four “test restaurants” hope to raise awareness among employees and employers.

According to a study (in Luxembourg, 2016), 68 000 tonnes of garbage and 31 000 tonnes of food waste are count up per year in the Grand-Duchy. Four companies accepted the challenge and try to reduce their food waste during April ; the European Investment Bank, BGL BNP Paribas, RTL and the European Convention Center Luxembourg.

Throughout April, IMS will monitor the food waste evolution in 4000 trays. The first step was to weigh food waste without inform employees of the campaign. Now, the objective is to encourage them to exchange more with Sodexo staff in order to adapt portions and collect their feedback on restaurant functioning. Finally, there will be a comparative weighing in hope of a meaningful reduction of food waste. Inspire and guide sustainable change, that the reason IMS exists. 

#ZEROWASTE @imslux