"Migration vers l’emploi": everything about hiring and integrating third-country nationals

Published on 6 April 2017

On Thursday the 6th of April, IMS Luxembourg officially launched its new practical guide "Migration vers l’emploi" during an interactive conference with nearly 60 participants. While the procedures for recruiting third-country nationals appear opaque and complex for most organizations, this guide explains the main concepts in order to support them in their willingness to hire and / or integrate third-country nationals.

Employment as an essential condition for sustainable integration

For third-country nationals (outside the European Union), employment is a prerequisite for a successful integration into the host society. While these newcomers face many barriers, both administrative and linguistic, it is more than necessary to facilitate their access to employment.

Overcoming appearances

Land of immigration for several decades, and located in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg attracts citizens well beyond the borders of the European Union. On January the 1st of 2016, there were 39,700 third-country nationals in Luxembourg, representing almost 14% of the total population. Yet some prejudices persist, while third-country nationals bring a real added value to organizations, the economy and society as a whole. However, they cannot integrate alone: ​​it is society as a whole to adapt.

The "Migration vers l’Emploi" guide, aimed at Luxembourg employers, gives a quick overview of the terminology linked to the notion of "third country national", but also of the recruitment process. Moreover, good practices guide employers towards actions to implement, small actions that can have a more global impact.

Download the guide in FR or EN, by clicking HERE.