Can a company's LGBTI commitment help shaping society?

According to the « Diversity & Business » Barometer 2016, 45% of the Diversity Charter signatories address sexual orientation within their diversity management policy. However, only 17% of the LGBTI co-workers are directly targeted by the signatories’ diversity policies.

First concrete best practices on the LGBTI topic are starting to emerge in Luxembourg, reflecting the companies’ commitment towards LGBTI inclusion within the workplace. Other companies are well-known for their LGBTI commitment, such as Accenture in Ireland which is the leading company on LGBTI inclusion there. 

During this Diversity Network we will discuss whether a companies' diversity actions particularly on the LGBTI topic can help shaping a more inclusive and modern society?

When? 15 December 2017 from 12 to 2pm

For whom? This event in English is reserved to the signatories of the Diversity Charter Lëtzebuerg

Limited spots available. Please register to make sure you get your spot.

We inform all participants that they are likely to figure in some pictures taken during IMS' events. These pictures are destined to be published in written and online media edited by IMS Luxembourg.

Harry Ghillemyn, Linklaters: Welcoming speech

Frédéric Trierweiler, State Street: A best practice in Luxembourg

Brendan Byrne, Accenture Ireland: How a company's LGBTI commitment helps shaping society?

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