CO-CREATION WORKSHOP : Fight against over-indebtedness

Through our Partners with Impact project, IMS Luxembourg is inviting you to the first collaboration workshop on private individual over-indebtedness taking place:


This series of 4 workshops aims to enable IMS' members and Luxembourgish social enterprises (in particular ULESS members and project leaders of 6zero1) to respond together – moving from concept to action – on a significant social issue in the country.

Faced with a growing number of over-indebted individuals and the absence of a policy concerning this, over-indebtedness prevention is to us a priority issue in Luxemburg.

Contrary to what we might think, spiraling into over-indebtedness does not only affect the poorest. In reality, it often occurs to employees and middle manager, whose financial situation is suddenly disturbed by divorce or separation, death of a spouse, illness or, more frequently today, “simple” loss of employment.

Since the initiatives in the field of support and the fight against over-indebtedness are very fragmented, the aim of this project is to promote better coordination of economic players and social and solidarity organization in Luxembourg.

In order to identify better the existing actors and mechanisms, local and European organizations will give testimonies at this first workshop. Notably, the CRESUS associative network will present an intermediation platform created with banking institutions to prevent over-indebtedness in France.

It is also important to highlight the difficulties in identifying the multiple factors of over-indebtedness. The diversity of actors present and their different perspectives will allow us to reflect together on the cause of over-indebtedness.

At the end of this first workshop, the participants will be divided into working groups according to their motivations and interests. They will be accompanied through the following three workshops to create and discuss innovative solutions and approaches in response to specific needs related to over-indebtedness, such as identifying people at risk, developing responsible credit offers, access a greater number of people especially employees of companies, develop financial education, co-create dedicated tools, manage the collateral effects of over-indebtedness in healthcare…

The identified solutions may lead to the creation of new activities (SIS), new services or projects within organization and companies, socially innovative partnerships and new approaches to be co-created.

This project is therefore an opportunity for dialogue and to break down the barriers between IMS’ members and social companies in Luxembourg to fight in a more coordinated manner against the over-indebtedness of individuals and to promote responsible behavior of all actors.

  • Introduction 
  • Record
  • Presentation of the co-creation approach
  • Workshop and establishment of working groups
  • Conclusion and next steps

Cândida Nedog, Founder, DELECTO (over-indebtedness prevention / financial wellness)

Laurent Boucherat, Responsible of fragile clients, Banque Postale

Maxime Pekkip, Advisor over-indebtedness prevention volunteer, Fondation CRESUS

Olivier Jérusalmy, Director, EFIN (European Financial Inclusion Network)

Susana Canaria, Head of information and advice about over-indebtedness department, Inter-Actions

To register, please contact camille.gaudin@imslux.lu