IMS Luxembourg, together with the Ministry of Labour, Employment and the social and solidarity Economy, the ULESS and 6zero, is pleased to invite to the first of four co-creation workshops centered on the topic of inclusion of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender and Intersex people (LGBTI).

IMS member companies, social and solidarity based-companies and public organizations are invited to come and exchange on the issue of LGBTI people inclusion in order to :

  • Understand the topic and its interest as an employer, medicosocial structure or service provider
  • Identify the issue and challenges shared by all the participants in a collaborative environment
  • Working in small groups to imagine concrete initiatives and solutions (pilot projects, new activity) and identify potential project leader

WHEN ? 25th of October from 1pm to 5pm
WHERE ? Maison de l’économie sociale et de l’innovation sociale (MESIS), 15 côte d’Eich, Luxembourg

  • Any person working on diversity and/or human resources subjects within his/her company who wants to be learn more on the topic
  • Any person engaged for the inclusion of LGBT+ people who wishes to share his/her experience and ideas


SAVE THE DATE / The dates of the following workshops : 29th of November 2018, 31st of January and 27th of February 2019


For more information, you can contact Lorraine Marquis.


We inform all participants that they are likely to figure in some pictures taken during IMS' events. These pictures are meant to be published in written and online media edited by IMS Luxembourg.

LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Intersex) people still suffer from many stereotypes and prejudices despite a rather positive legislation and environment in Luxembourg. Discrimination and homo-bi-transphobic violence remain a reality in Europe and worldwide. With little data available in Luxembourg, it is difficult to paint a picture of the professional and social reality.

In view of these observations, we have decided to mobilize our network in order to raise awareness on this diversity issue. You are invited to come and exchange with participants from various areas : IMS member companies, social and solidarity based-companies and public organizations.

The workshops will be divided into two parts in order to go from the issue to the solution. Each participant will have the occasion to share their point of view and experience depending on their interest.

  • Introduction and presentation of the workshops
  • Interventions : Why and how to take action ? good practices
  • Presentation of the National Action Plan for the Promotion of the rights of LGBTI people by the Ministry of Family
  • Working groups
  • Conclusion and next steps